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A little about me

My name is Stephen and I jumped into the world of CBD about 3 years ago when a friend suggested I try some CBD products to help with my sleep pattern and anxiety. I work on shift (working day and night) so it means my sleep pattern can be all over the place.

I’m a dad in his thirties so along with work, home life and my social life I felt I could use a little something to help level me out. I chose to start with a 10% CBD Oil and found after 1 week of use, mainly 3 drops with my coffe in the morning and 3 drops in the evening I felt much more at ease. To be honest I never looked back! I workout a lot so the next item i wanted to try was a CBD Cream. I found that applying the cream after workouts was working wonders for me.

This has replaced medicines I’ve used in the past to treat symptoms like anxiety, inflammation, pain and headaches. My experience with CBD Products has been life changing, I can’t stress this enough!

I’ve tried different brands over the years and in this page you’ll see reviews on the most reliable brands I’ve tried. I deem these the best quality CBD Products out there so please use this page to help in choosing the best CBD Product for you.

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How CBD Works

So, how does CBD work exactly?

First, let’s talk about the endocannabinoid system (ECS) found in all mammals. The ECS is one of the body’s messaging centers, regulating many biological processes. These include physiological processes like pain, sleep, appetite, and immune system functions.

When we sustain an injury, feel pain, or have inflammation, the ECS notifies our brain. It does so through its cannabinoid receptors, which act as messengers.

CBD interacts with these receptors by either activating or inhibiting certain bodily compounds. It helps the body use the endocannabinoids it produces in a more effective way.

For example, CBD prevents absorption of anandamide, a compound said to regulate pain. This leads to higher levels of the compound in the bloodstream. These higher levels may then help lessen the amount and severity of pain someone feels

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The Main Reason for CBD Use

Pain relief, help with anxiety symptoms, and even possible dementia treatment. Those are only a few of the many other science-backed benefits of CBD. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons people use CBD products.

Pain Relief

Millions of people all over the world suffer from chronic pain. That’s why doctors issue millions of prescriptions for opioids every year. As helpful as these pain-killing drugs are, they’re very addictive. CBD has been the ,subject of many studies many of which show its effectiveness in managing pain. That includes difficult to treat pain, especially chronic cancer and nerve pain.


Researchers have also noted CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects, especially on arthritis. One study showed that topical CBD relieved arthritis inflammation. The scientists also noted no side effects from the use of the CBD gel.
A  noted the same inflammation-reducing effects of CBD.

Mood Boosters

Studies also noted CBD’s  (anti-anxiety) effects. It can even negate the anxiety-inducing effects of THC. It’s in the same way that CBD can help make sleeping easier for those with sleep disorders. It helps balance out moods and makes people feel more relaxed. It won’t make you sleepy, but taking cannabidiol may help you fall asleep faster and get better sleep

The benefits of CBD oil

Since CBD oil started gaining widespread popularity, it has been proven as a remedy for a variety of health conditions. The best part about this substance is that it is so safe that it doesn’t lead to dependence. Therefore, you are likely never to get addicted to it. According to experts, CBD oil provides pain and inflammation relief, helps in managing stress better and improves the quality of sleep.

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